Zirve Group –  Isparta Sütçüler Quarry

Our quarry, located in Isparta Sütçüler, with an open area of 937,500 m² and a closed area of 400 m², offers different options for our customers with its Silver Spider natural stone selections.

In our production area, where we are among the largest quarries in Turkey with an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons, we produce Sliver Spider and different selections, one of the stones preferred in prestigious projects throughout the country and the world.

Our Export Sales

We export more than 10,000 tons of block marble per month to Asian countries, especially China.

Our Domestic Sales

We sell block marble and rubble marble to leading companies in the country.

Machinery Equipments

Monoray Wire Cutting Nova 75 KW/100 HP 6 pcs.
Volvo A25D Stone Truck 3 pcs.
Astra ADT30 Stone Truck 1 pcs.
Volvo L350F Loader 2 pcs.
Case CX330 Excavator 1 pcs.
MTB 365 Breaker 1 pcs.
Olimpa Breaker 1 pcs.
Fantini Chain Saw Machine 1 pcs.
Hidrobarsan Wire Cutting Machine 6 Ad.
Gürgenli Wire Cutting Machine 8 pcs.
Gemsa 90E Drill Machine 1 pcs.
Tamsan TVK-15800 Compressor 1 Ad.
Tamsan TVK-12600 Compressor 1 pcs.
Tamsan Air Tank 1800 LT 1 pcs.
Volvo L350F Loader 1 pcs.
Drilling Machine 1 pcs.


Production Capacity


Number of Exports / Year